[EF 7] The House Of The Prophet Muhammad


I took the picture in exhibition room for Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him near of the prophet’s mosque. I’m sorry the picture is not good, because the photograph is not my hobby. That picture is replica of the prophet’s house. You can look house the most influential person.

Let me narrate to you the dialogue between The Prophet and Umar ibn Khattab it was happened in his house.

The Prophet’s austere living was such that when once ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab paid a visit to him, he was moved to tears. The Prophet (sa) asked: al-Khattab, what makes you weep?

‘Umar answered: Messenger of Allah, why should I not shed tears? This mat [which ‘Umar found the Prophet (sa) lying on] has left its marks on your sides and I do not see in your store room [except these few things] that I have seen. Persian and Byzantine sovereigns are leading their lives in plenty whereas you are Allah’s Messenger, His chosen one, and yet that is your store!

The Prophet (sa) said: Ibn Khattab, aren’t you satisfied that for us is the prosperity of the hereafter and for them the prosperity of this world?

Some of the most often referred to furnishing elements in the Prophet’s houses were: a bed, a mat, a blanket, and curtains of black-hair cloth.

I  will transmit the description about the house of the prophet, I’ve found it in medinanet.org

In his book History of Madinah Munawwarah, Muhammad Ilyas asserts that each of the Prophet’s houses had a residential part as well as a tiny backyard:

“The backyard was enclosed by the branches of palm trees and unbaked bricks. Blankets of hair were thrown on them to ensure privacy in the yard. The door of each hujrah [apartment] was not built from an expensive wood. Each door had a rough blanket hanging there for privacy. Hence each hujrah reflected humbleness and modesty. The dimension of each hujrah was approximately 5 meters by 4 meters and the backyard was 5 meters by 3 ½ meters. A person standing in the huujrah could touch the ceiling with his hand. Hasan Basri said: I had not yet come of age and I used to visit the hujrah. I could touch the ceiling with my hand when I was standing in the hujrah.

See??. That our prophet teach us about the real happiness. You doesn’t need to buy everything and get the happiness. Even you have all the wealth in this world, you couldn’t  be able to buying it. The main point is your heart. And remember there is life after this world.



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16 Balasan ke [EF 7] The House Of The Prophet Muhammad

  1. jampang berkata:

    bangunan aslinya masih ada kah?

  2. Ryan berkata:

    Really nice post mas. So I know more about your religion.

  3. “The prosperity of the hereafter” thank you for reminding this, as human, this one is being forgotten so often.

  4. ranselijo berkata:

    Thank you, Dinar to share this story. Doain yaaa biar bisa naik haji! 😀

  5. Fajar berkata:

    Subhanallah.. makasie sharing EF#7 nya Mas.. semoga dapat kita teladani.. ^^

  6. Beby berkata:

    Pengen ke sanaaaaa 😦

    • Dinar Zul Akbar berkata:

      Niatin trus doa trus kumpulin duit doa berangkat deh insyaAllah

      Tapi agak kaget sih, kirain dulu awal2 Beby itu maaaap ya Beb, kirain non islam

      Pertama dari namanya, kedua dari sukunya

      Namanya agak buarat buarat gimana gitu, trus orang Medan pulak. Secara banyak temen dari Medan agamanya bukan Islam

      Hha sekali lagi mangap eh maap ea Beb

  7. ipah kholipah berkata:

    bangunan apakah ituh?

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