[EF 5] BEC . . . . .

 هو شيء جديد وكبير في حياتي تعرفت على كثير من أكابر الناس و المدونيين مع اختلاف شخصيتهم و فيه أتعلم معلومات جديدة من العلم و الخبرة ضممت مجموعات بعدة لغات منها أندونيسية و عربية و إنجليزية و سمعت أن هؤلاء قد رتبوا و عينوا تاريخا ليجتمعوا فيه لأول مرة إلخ 

*Have you got headache??. I want all of you (my fellow brothers and sisters on BEC) to know what I feel when I read your post every Friday.

BEC . . . .

Is a new big thing in my live. I’ve met the great people and blogger of course with different characters. I learn and gain a huge of new thing, knowleadge, and experience. I’ve joined groups of Indonesian language, Arabic, and now English. And I heard they’ve (all members) arranged a schedule for their first gathering. Unfortunately I can’t join it, I’m sorry. For the first time I joined this group I was so nerveous. I need several minutes for answering the questions when I introduced my self.

Every friday, all of the members have a obligation to make a jurnal in English. I called it Jum’at Keramat when I can’t sleep on thursay night. “what should I write for tomorrow?”those sentences are repetiton in my head. Like Nizar Qabbani when he had been asked to write about love. As he said “since twenty years ago, I’ve written about love, but I’m still on the first page”.

Alhamdulillah, I did my obligation for 4 times, and this is my fifth jurnal in English. But, I’m afraid that will be my last jurnal in English. Because I have to back to my study, is a new semester. As you know, the new semester it’s mean the new challenge. With new friends and lectures. And poor me, I got Sheikh Fulan the one of killer lectures as my seniors said.

And the another side, I can’t join the lesson. The section for lesson starts from 8 am – 2 am in Indonesia (4 pm – 10 am in KSA). And that times to me for not touching my smartphone. Because it always with me after Zhuhr until Ashar, and several minutes before I get sleep.

Nevermind to out from the group. Hopely I can join the  the lesson and the challenge “English Friday”. To be honest, I’ve just bought a dictionary english-arabic, and oxford mini dictionary and thesaurus. I have to learn English and raise up my English. Or, if it could not to be happened. I have a shortcut,  maybe I will be marry with one who can speak and teach me English. #bukan kode

And for all the mentors, admins, and also members BEC. I just can say to all of you

جزاكم الله خيرا كثيرا

Tentang Dinar Zul Akbar

Hanya seorang manusia biasa yang dikelilingi hal-hal luar biasa. Keseharian kuliah, kadang nulis, sering tidur dan suka merenung.
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  1. Ryan berkata:

    Huaaa Mas Dinar. Please don’t go. Stay with us. I mean. It is okay not to join the chat lively. You can read it after. We are now like family. Especially you, the man who called Mba at the beginning. You can catch it up through blog (English Essential) and twitter. You can WA me in person if you like. I will try my best to help. 😭 I am really sad reading that this would be your last.

    But if you really firm already with it, and I know that it is hard to study abroad, I wish all the best for you Mas.

  2. dani berkata:

    Whuaaa Mas. I’m so sorry to hear that you won’t be able to join us later on. I understand if you will have a busy schedule. I wish everything will go smoothly for you. You can still follow our activity from our blog and also twitter account Mas Dinar. 😀

  3. riemikan berkata:

    Dinar it breaks my heart to know that you would not joining our sessions anymore. I’ve always enjoyed having you in the session and reading your post. I hope you’d be able to find a little bit of time to join our weekly challenge. All the best! Oh I also see many improvements in this post. I am telling you, you should not quit 😁

  4. Ami berkata:

    Hope your study goes well, Bang Dinar, and pretty please, please keep writing on the Jum’at Keramat if joining the live chat session is not possible 🙂 because I like your unique style of writing 🙂

  5. Well, it’s sad. I believe that you know what’s best for you, but one thing, don’t ever stop learning, English and Arabic as well. Good luck for your study! 🙂 you should join us again, later when you have spare time, well, anytime 😉

  6. Faraziyya berkata:

    Well, BEC is just a medium or a way out of many ways to improve our English. So, though it breaks our heart that you wouldn’t be joining us anymore, we’re not going anywhere anyway. Keep in touch, will you?
    Good luck on your study 🙂

  7. jampang berkata:

    dosen killer bahasa arabnya apaan yah? al-ustadz al-qaatil?

  8. ardiologi berkata:

    waduh, semangat studinya, gan 😀

  9. Ira berkata:

    semoga kuliahnya lancar yaaaa Dinar….
    it’s really sad to know you can’t join us….but we’ll be here for you
    *lalu nyanyi you’ve got a friend 😀

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  11. Sandrine Tungka berkata:

    Wuuuaaaaaa mas Dinarrrrrrrrr…. kenapa oh kenapa??
    All the best for you mas Dinar…
    Btw itu memang bukan kode tapi niatan ya mas???

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