[EF 4] Time Machine

Here again Jum’at Keramat a.k.a English Friday.

If Doraemon in my room right now. I want to borrow his time machine. Why??

Because I love history. The first thing that I want to know is who is my grand grand father. And who the first one of them was converted to Islam. I just know my third grand father, it’s mean grand father of my grand father. And also I want to know our history I mean the history of Indonesian people. I’ve read that we are from Atlantis. Is that correct?.Well, I don’t have any idea about that.

And I love about the history of Islam in Indonesia too. There are so many theories about who was the first came to Indonesia with Islam and spread it. And I want to know what the main factor that Islam could be touch most people in Indonesia. And the most important thing is I want to see our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and his friends. I want to see his face, hear his voice, hug his body, and kiss his hand. I thought that is great and amazing.

With time machine in my room, I can replay my past when I feel unhappy. I want to see again when I was born to this world. See how my mother struggled for me. When my father took me on his Vespa. When I played Nintendo together with my brother. And also when I saw how cute my little sister. With time machine, also I can see my childhood. When I could laugh so loud without any pleasure.

This enough for me, sorry my mentors and the fellow members on BEC. I’m late because I was sick yesterday and haven’t recovered yet. And also sorry for lack grammar.


Tentang Dinar Zul Akbar

Hanya seorang manusia biasa yang dikelilingi hal-hal luar biasa. Keseharian kuliah, kadang nulis, sering tidur dan suka merenung.
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24 Balasan ke [EF 4] Time Machine

  1. Ryan berkata:

    What happen Dinar? Cold?

  2. Get well soon, Dinar!
    Time machine is a good idea, indeed, and yes! I would go see Prophet Muhammad, too, when I had it. *nangis*

  3. dani berkata:

    Wish you speed recovery Dinar! Sorry for being such a “genggeus” admin, but time machine is not allowed along with the magic pocket. You can not get them. šŸ˜€
    But I do love your spirit! Thank you for joining the challenge!

  4. jampang berkata:

    mungkin karena belum fit, jadinya salah pilih šŸ˜€

    semoga lekas sembuh

  5. riemikan berkata:

    Dinar, hope you are feeling much better now. Though you weren’t feeling well, I can see your great effort in this post. The story line is clear and it’s got content. You are improving. More practice and you’ll get much better at it.

    • Dinar Zul Akbar berkata:

      Alhamdulillah, getting better koq

      My beloved mentor, mba Mikan you’re the real MVP

      • riemikan berkata:

        That’s great to know Dinar. What’s MVP?

      • Dinar Zul Akbar berkata:

        Most Valuable Player
        Have you wacthed NBA??

        It’s part of Meme Comic Indo, It’s mean a compliment

      • riemikan berkata:

        Haha…I did. I just wanna make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Kemarin2 ngomongin Alexa ama admins. Salah pengertian karena dipikiranku Alexa band wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw Lagi sering terjadi nih. Ryan wktu itu bilang kanker, I took it as cancer the disease, ternyata dia ngomongin singkatan. Paraah kan…jadi extra hati2 sekarnag wkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkw

      • Dinar Zul Akbar berkata:

        Keasikan tinggal di luar kayaknya, sy jg akhir2 ini kadang suka nda paham kalo nda rajin ikutin apdetannya

        Kanker tuh kantong kering
        Meriang tuh merindukan kasih sayang
        Jones tuh jomblo ngenes
        *Ini koq ke jomblo
        Apalagi ya??
        Kadang kebanyakan istilah emang di negara kita..

      • riemikan berkata:

        Bahahahaha….kanker sih jadul abis. Tapi jones dan meriang ini baru hahahahaha

  6. Ira berkata:

    Get well soon Dinar….

  7. jaraway berkata:

    hihi.. jaman jayanya Nitendo

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