[EF 3] How Gadgets Affect Your Life?

Here again, Jumat Keramat a.k.a English Friday. And I thought our topic’s it’s more difficult than before.

Am I gadget freak??

Definitely not. This year i’m 24 years old. But if we talked about gadget, Suddenly, I felt I’m too old to discuss that issue. Let me tell you about my gadgets. I have a smartphone LG E7, it was a gift from my brother last year, when I accepted to be one of Islamic University of Medina’s student. He said I can use it to make easy our communication. Before that, I had Nokia a monochrome phone. And I used it when I was student in LIPIA at Jakarta. And now, I have two cellphone.

I had a rule when I use my phone. Is forbidden for me to touching my smartphone during my class, and when I go to The Prophet Mosque. That mean, I was used my phone after pray Zhuhr until Ashr, and after Isya until time to sleep. Yes, it was. Since BEC born I couldn’t make it (the rule) happened again. Poor me Inna lillah. I thought I have to turn on my rule again.

And also I have a laptop HP Pavilion. Sometimes I use it for my study, like writing a paper, or reading some ebook and PDF document. But, mostly I use it for watching movies and of course blogging.

I have an account on facebook, email, and wordpress. Oh, I’ve forgotted one, I have SkypeID. My twitter account has been expired for long time ago. Never thought to create account on Instag, Path, etc. I don’t play game in smartphone or laptop. Because it’s wasting time.

If you ask to me, “Could you life without your gadgets??. The answer is yes. I’m not depend by my gadgets, for now. I just have my first smartphone last year, and before that I used not smartphone enough, just a monochrome phone for several years. It just for text messages or call my connection nothing more.

So, this is me. Yes, you can say that I’m too old fashioned about gadget. But I like this.

*nyambung ga yak??

*makin lama makin susssah,

*gigit laptop

11.54 pm, in KSA

Tentang Dinar Zul Akbar

Hanya seorang manusia biasa yang dikelilingi hal-hal luar biasa. Keseharian kuliah, kadang nulis, sering tidur dan suka merenung.
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31 Balasan ke [EF 3] How Gadgets Affect Your Life?

  1. tikamustofa berkata:

    Tuh laptop udah abis apa belom digigiti? *frustasi apa doyan… Hehehe 😀

  2. MS berkata:

    You are just being discipline to yourself, not an old fashion one. It’s good.

  3. It means you are a smart user, and that’s good, dinar. Because you can control your usage, not it controls you.

  4. aqied berkata:

    before using smartphone, I was monochrome nokia user too. when people ask me why didn’t I bought a smartphone, I answered “smart girl needn’t any smartphone”.
    poor me, now I use smartphone and my camera also named itself smart camera. I am not as smarter as before anymore

  5. Ira berkata:

    You can control your self DInar. That’s good.
    sayang ih laptopnya digigitin mulu!! 😀

  6. aminocte berkata:

    No, you are not old-fashioned, Bang 🙂 you just applied a strict rule to yourself, and that’s great, since it is not easy thing to do.
    Well, instead of biting your laptop, why don’t give it to me? I need a new laptop 😀

  7. jampang berkata:

    pastinya bisa hiduplah tanpa gadget 😀

  8. riemikan berkata:

    Dinar I think it’s great that you have full control over your gadgets. That shows disiplin and maturity. I commend you on your commitment to EF challenges. With more practice, you’d be able to write nicely in English. I’ve seen improvement in your writing. The most important thing is the willingness to jump in and take the challenge 😊

  9. rizzaumami berkata:

    I’ll try to speak like old man: Yes, you can life without gadget, but you can not life without people around you. And they life with gadget. 🙂

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