[EF 2] My Wildest Dream

My wildest dream??. Actually, for now I have no idea about that. But if we talked about my past. When I was young, I mean when I was student in Junior High School (SMP N 134 Jak-Bar #promo), I though I had my wildest dream. And this was my wildest dream.

gambar dari en.wikipedia.org

gambar dari en.wikipedia.org

Don’t be surprised. Keep calm and stay reading

Yeaah, being a rock star that was my wildest dream. Singing and dancing on a big stage stage, with powerfull lightening. Like Axl Rose, the girls are screaming or something like that, when I raising up my hand. All of this, it just because my brother. He always listened his favourite band Gun’s N Roses -at the time- in our home. And also, he always watched their video’s. He acted like Slash with his guitar, and I though that was awesome and cool. Have you watched their videos??. And suddenly, I started to listening their song, and enjoyed those things. There is no day, I didn’t listen their song, and I became one of their fans.

Until now, I still memorize some lyric from their song, like Don’t Cry *singing Don’t you cry tonight, don’t you ever cry. . . . Or November Rain *singing again When I look into your eyes I can see a love restrained. . .. And of course their fenomenal song Sweet Child O Mine. *singing again and again She’s got smile that it seems to me, reminds me childhood memories . . . . And I still remember when Slash played his guitar on the dessert in their clip (november rain), with his unforgettable hat. Or the moment at the hotel in “patience” clip.

And also I like to listened Skid Row, especially their song “I Remember You” –oh my, that song was very sweet for who miss his lover like you not me :p – or “Dr Feelgood” or “18 and Life”. And many more band like Bon Jovi, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Mr Big. Everything has a connection with Rock n Roll, I loved that very much ; long hair, celana robek *what we say that in english??, and many more.

Remember, those things when I was student in Junior High School. But all changed when The Fire Nation attacked . . . . *oops

That was my wildest dream, how about you, dude??

As always, I’m very happy if you correct my post. Some body help me please..

*adduh bongkar kartu, tehnya manaaaa

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58 Balasan ke [EF 2] My Wildest Dream

  1. aqied berkata:

    nyanyi nya koq cm di tulisan. mana rekamannya atau kalo perlu di.video. :p

  2. monda berkata:

    I just remembered, I also influenced by my sister who loved rock bands like you, I knew some of the songs, because she played their cassetes all the time

  3. MS berkata:

    Oh, sorry I forgot I did not use my wp.com ID

  4. emaknyashira berkata:

    It call Ripped pants (usually jeans) or sometime rocj stars use to wear leather pants, l can recall my memories seeing Jon bon jovi singing in leather pants.

  5. Hahhaa i guess you want to be a rock star because the girls are crazy over you 😀

  6. limaumanes berkata:

    Hahaha fire nation attack. Keren.

  7. riemikan berkata:

    Before scrolling down I thought your dream was to be Axl. I love GNR’s songs too. Being a rockstar rocks man! Well…one can always have a new dream 😊

  8. Beby berkata:

    Bahahah.. Maybe it cause you are jomblo now, Bang? 😛

  9. ranselijo berkata:

    Hahaha GnR…very old school but hey who doesnt like them? I like them also! Thank you for sharing your dream, Dinar. 🙂

  10. jampang berkata:

    negara api ada versi inggrisnya juga? 😀

  11. Ryan berkata:

    Fire nation…. Hmmm

  12. desweet26 berkata:

    Waaaw.. I like rock bands too..especially Bon Jovi… oh my..I’m still waiting that they will perform here once again. Previously on 1995 if I’m not mistake… 😀

    • Dinar Zul Akbar berkata:

      These days – the stars seem out of reach 
      These days – there ain’t a ladder on these streets 
      These days – are fast, love don’t last in this graceless age 
      Thats for you
      *Nyanyi kayak si Jon

  13. egiyantina berkata:

    Hai mas Dinar! Wooowww, cool!! I just curious how was your voice sound like??? give us your voice recording pleaseeee:))

  14. Ferdy Lpu berkata:

    you are old school ya bang dinar, hahaha
    kalo saya mah pengen jadi chester bennington linkin park hehe

  15. aminocte berkata:

    I almost cannot believe that being a rock star was your wildest dream at that time, Bang Dinar. I thought you only read Islamic books since you were a kid. Pardon me for that false assumption 🙂
    Don’t you cry tonight~~~ 😀

  16. Andik Taufiq berkata:

    One of my “alim” friends has a dream to become a rock star as well. On subuh he usually listens to the murottal. But when a bunch of assignments come together, he switches it into a metal music, such as Korn. And he sing it very loudly. Unbelievable… 🙂

  17. Ira berkata:

    waaaa…GNR….that’s cool Dinar!!

  18. rivenskyatwinda berkata:

    nulis sendiri atau pakai bantuan kamus kak? lancar gituh inggrisnya.
    tuing-tuing bacanya.. ceritanya dulu pengen jd anak band rock gituh ya?

  19. dani berkata:

    Can’t you still keeping the dream being a rockstar Din? I guess a rockstar with knowledge like you is quite rare if I may not say none. 😀
    Thanks for joining the challenge.. 😀

  20. kutukamus berkata:

    Yes, that clip (November Rain) is one of the very best, ever—with those two legendary Slash-desert/piano-scenes. What a performance! 🙂

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